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Our Featured Projects.

Apartment in Kipseli  2017

A carefully designed residence in the city of Athens. Combination of materials such as concrete, tiles, wood , experiments with forms and shapes provide elegance and uniformity to the space.

Cave Suite  2016

The space that needed to be reformed was located at Oia Santorini, in Greece.


The main need was to design a comfortable ambient enviroment suitable for vacations.

Bar reformation  2016

Bootleg bar is located in Cholargos. An industrial space with intense baroque elements infuses the neighborhood with a definable new mood.


Lighting effects, wall coverings, wood and metallic details give the space a particular aesthetic

and create privy corners.

Boutique hotel Osom Resort  2017
Osom Resort hotel, is located at Ornos, Mykonos in Greece. It is a complex of twelve suites with private outdoor spaces, a pool bar and a restaurant. Elegance and luxury was the main goal of the design.The idea was to create a vivid, interactive and comfortable environment for the visitor.
Eclectic Apartment  2013

An eclectic apartment renovation in the heart of the city. Velvet is the dominant feature combined with vintage elements and antique furniture. Wall patterns provide a sense of theatrical scene in an otherwise modest apartment of understated elegance.

Residence in Athens  2015

An apartment where industrial design meets elegance.

Combination of materials such as brick-wood-patterned tiles-metal details, gives a cozy atmosphere to the interior.

A small but outstanding residence.

Residence in Agia Paraskevi  2017

An apartment designed with a minimalist aesthetic of simple lines, clean surfaces, rough materials.


The concept was to take advantage of the space, to create areas of movement and a core where the main functions take place and are hidden at the same time.

Synergy Project Offices  2012

The Synergy Project is a collaborative space, known abroad as coworking space.

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