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Luxury Suite in Santorini  2013

Located in Santorini, a traditional apartment was reformed into a bright and vibrant interior space suitable for vacations. In order to overcome the usual floor plan of the living room, a sculptural jacuzzi was planned in the space with oblique openings creating playful shadows in the room. A wooden coated level gives warmth to the interior and separates the living room from the moving zone and the dining area.


A monochrome palette of white helps the daylight diffusion .Wooden details on the furniture and lighting fixtures make contrast with the rest of the interior.

In the bedroom an outstanding floating bed impresses the visitor.Hidden lights create a calming atmosphere. A natural rock gives a brutal touch to the space.


Geometrical forms are kept in the design of the bathroom such as the rest of the apartment.Wood and concrete are the main materials used.A sink that imitates rock offers a rough touch to the space.At the secondary bathroom at the lower level of the apartment a cave shower consorts with the traditional architecture of the island.

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